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Projector troubleshooting, sorta of turning on... but not.

Discussion in 'Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control' started by NickVon, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. NickVon

    NickVon Well-Known Member

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    Posting on behalf a buddy, that I helped try and trouble shoot this with, and came up nadda.

    Projector Savvy folk - Okay, here's the situation; I have a EIKI EIP-UHS100 projector - I am unable to see my picture. Lamps are fine (green status) no other warnings or red lights - I can see an image in the lens itself (it is mounted high up but am able to get a ladder and also see inside the lens from the floor). If I put my hand up to the lens it doesn't even seem to project onto my hand. Using a HDMI connection - was going to swap out the HDMI but the EIKI Blue startup screen is not even displaying. I tried the following:

    Shut down and restarted
    Unplugged, waited 5 minutes and restarted
    Checked all connections
    Checked to make sure the Shutter function was not in use
    Cycled through different input cycles
    Read the entire manual twice
    Re read manual and checked all parts and status lights, etc.
    Researched online for troubleshooting tips and came up empty
    Checked all lamp statuses and it is fine

    Weirdly enough, it worked one afternoon then later in the evening it did not work. Then a week or so later it worked and now we are back to not working shortly after.

    If anyone has or knows someone who has had this or a similar issue - any help would be appreciated.​

    I'm inclined to think there maybe in an issue with the power supply switching to full Voltage(er something) so the lamps can truly fire up all the way?
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  2. ruinexplorer

    ruinexplorer Sherpa CB Mods Premium Member Fight Leukemia

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    Las Vegas
    It sounds like the shutter is going bad. Projectors with internal shutters will close them when not in use. When the shutter is closed, the projector will default to a complete video black. This sounds like what you are seeing.
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  3. Amiers

    Amiers Lighting Phoenix 1 Lamp at a Time

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    Phoenix, Az
    tell him to write down the lamp hours then factory restore it and adjust the settings.

    It could be shutters. 90%

    It could be eco-mode 9%

    Last resort: 1%

    If he has a spare lamp rotate that in and see if the lamp is bad but still registers good.
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