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Prop Gun

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by lieperjp, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Prop guns (and other stage firearms) are a touchy subject here on CB.

    Here are some basic Safety procedures regarding firearms (taken from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Hunter's Safety guidelines) using the TABK system:

    T: Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
    A: Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
    B: Be certain of your target and what's beyond.
    K: Keep your finger outside the trigger guard unless ready to shoot.

    Obviously, these may not apply to theatre, but nevertheless are important to review.

    Guns and theatre should not be mixed by the average person. See these threads about people who have been killed/injured in theatre to know this is a serious subject:


    Here are some highlights from a thread called

    Here's a link from this thread:


    Here are two links to some prop gun sellers. Before we give you the links, here are some safety tips.

    ALL FIREARMS THAT USE EXPLODING CAPS OR BLANKS STILL HAVE DISCHARGE. This includes starter pistols. This discharge is hot gas that occurs as a result of the explosion and can burn skin. This discharge also can contain small shards of metal from the blank. In real guns, discharge is released through the front of the barrel. In prop guns and most starter pistols the barrel is sealed and the discharge is released through the side of the gun. All sealed guns should have an orange cap on the end signifying it as a sealed barrel gun. This orange cap should not be removed or painted over. A prop gun is still very dangerous and should NEVER be pointed directly at a person. Any stage firearm should always be locked up when not on stage and it should be under supervision when not locked up. Stage firearms also need to be cleaned after any and every use to prevent dangerous malfunctions as well as keep the gun in proper working order.

    Now that you've read the above paragraph, here are two links:

    Movie Props and Stage Props
    Wester Stage Props - Guns
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