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Ok, im fairly new to this, and i am setting up the lights. There are 2 one act plays, both of which take place in England around the early 1900's. As of now I used just yellows and oranges, and a red light on the body (long story, theres a body lying on the stage for the entire show). I am thinking that i sould put more collors in, like blues and reds and greens, but im not sure what the "proper" teqnique is. Also, i am somewhat limited, since i only have 12 lights, each at 500 watts.

anyone have any sugestions?
Go to especially a college library if not most other librarys and look for a book by Stanley McCandles called "A Method of Lighting the Stage". It's the (argueably) basis of just about all modern lighting design. Most colleges will with some loops to go thru let your normal library card work at the school given you have one close by.

After that, just about any book on theater lighting will tell how. There is lots of details in lighting design and easiest to understand with pictures if read from the book.

Otherwise, there are lots of internet sites that have more or less the general principals of lighting design that I'm sure others can give. Here are some possibles:
Is this play by any chance "The Incredible Inspector Hound"? I did tats show once and we had a body the entire show also....

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