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Feb 3, 2006
Rayleigh, United Kingdom
Hi, the crew that i work in are thinking about purchasing some DMX lighting. Currently we have many anologue fixtures (school). We are thinking about purchasing 2 moving head DMX fixtures and a small DMX control board just with just enough channels to control both DMX fixtures seperately.

We are going to keep the anologue and DMX rigs completely seperate so we will have one board for anologue and one for DMX.

However, as we are a school, we have a small budget to play with. I have looked around on the internet but i cant really find many good deals. Could someone reccomend a good place to look for cheap DMX? (United Kingdom)

Thanks in advance guys
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Oct 23, 2004
One vendor I would recommend is http://www.entsyscorp.com I think Bill posts here on occasion. But remember with cheap product (not that Bill sells junk), the low price often is soon forgotten when the thing breaks down. Plus, with a decent trim height you may be wasting your money on something inadequate to do the job.


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May 1, 2004
Boston, MA
Why don't you wait a little while until you get some more money either through ticket sales or fundraising and get a higher quality, longer lasting DMX fixture.

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