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Just wondering what some of the various Pyro laws are around the US and the rest of the world. In North Carolina each county just wants you to supply them with some info so they know you have some knowledge and then they add you to a list of people that can fire pyro in that county. You can still fire ground based effects with out any special inspections (by ground based I mean things like flash pots and white flashes). In New York City there is a more formalized program that involves a test and subsequent certification, the NYC method makes more sense to me as it seems much more organized. What laws does anyone else know of?
In Australia you must be certified as competent and safe in the use of pyrotechnics or fireworks and their use is controlled by legislated acts. Most people start of with the Theatrical Pyrotechnics Operators Permit (TPOP) and then work up from there. Once you have completed the theoretical and practical exam for the TPOP, you need to have a police clearance form and then you submit them to the Government agency that is responsible to explosives and dangerous good, who will then issue you with your license. You must renew your license every year, including gaining a new police clearance every year. For GFOP you need to sit an exam and show evidence of experience through working on shows (where the operator has taught you how to handle the product safely, but you have not fired them). You must also show evidence of having worked on shows to gain the next level permit.

There are 4 main permits:

TPOP - Theatrical Pyrotechnics Operators Permit
this includes all indoor special effects such as flash pots, gerbs, showers of sparks and silver jets.

GFOP – Ground-based Fireworks Operators Permit
includes outdoor fireworks that are ignited on the ground, such as candles, mines and fountains

RFOP – Restricted aerial Fireworks Operators Permit
the operator can fire aerial shells up to and including 3” (75mm) diameter, as well as ground-based.

PFOP – Professional Fireworks Operators Permit
the operator can fire all size aerial shells (depending on permit approval), as well as ground-based.

For all shows that include ground-based fireworks or aerial shells, approval must be sought form the Government agency that issues the licenses, as well as the local council, police and fire department. Indoor shows just have to have approval of the venue.

I hold an unrestricted TPOP and an unrestricted PFOP.
I remember very little about IL laws regarding pyro, except that it was divided by class of explosive. Binary explosives required a special license, i think...

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