QLab DA to multiple console channels

I'm working on Death of a Salesman right now, and we're doing playback in QLab. We need different Qs to go into different channels on the console we're running into, since the actual board op has no experience whatsoever. Basically, we're wanting to fire the Qs off into channels that are already set to proper speaker sends with EQ and verb preset.

I've used QLab before, but never with multiple sends (I primarily mix concerts and the occasional musical, none of which have SFX fired by FOH). I personally would have no problem re-mixing the channel for each Q, but alas, this being college and all, they decided to take the audio pro off the console in favor of someone who's never touched one.

So basically, I'm not sure what I need. I was given a couple of suggestions, MOTU 828 and 896, but nobody in town (Nashville) seems to carry MOTU. I'm trying Clair Bros tomorrow, but I'd like some suggestions as to other DA interfaces I might try.

We need at least 8-10 channels of playback, and it has to play nice with QLab.

Thanks in advance!


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Most places carry Presonus. They make great stuff that is rock solid. Figure out what you want the interface to be to your computer and how many ins/outs you want and that should do it for you.


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M-audio is at the lower end of the spectrum, but it should work for you. I've had good experiences using my Firewire 410 with QLab. Which version of QLab are you running?


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I'm using a M-Audio Lightbridge here at my school. WOrked great with QLab 1, and now QLab 2 (which is even better).
That interface gives us up to 32 chanels in/out, although we've only got one ADAT card for our M7...

That being said, it also plays very nicely with the MOTU Ultralite, specifically the mkII, i believe...

Although, QLab also picked up the MBox i had plugged into the laptop, so i think any reliable interface should work fine...


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I've used the Echo Audiofire 12 with Qlab with great success.


Worked great with QLab 1, and now QLab 2 (which is even better).

Keep 1.3.5!!!

I agree that Qlab 2 is superior, if you want more than stereo outputs(which you do), Qlab 2 will need a Pro Audio license. Which will run you $199(education license) or $1/day. I'm sure Chris will appreciate the money, but Qlab 1 will let you have 16 outs for free.


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Keep 1.3.5!!!


Qlab 1 will let you have 16 outs for free.

If memory serves, you only get 8 with that free version. Still, under level adjustments, you can assign sounds to certain outputs.

The good thing about v2 is besides the nicer GUI, you have access to the waveform. But for now, I'll stick with V1 and the free multi outputs.


I know this thread is really old, but I'm having a similar problem. I'm running an M-Audio Firewire 410 with QLab and a mixer, but QLab is only showing me outputs 1 and 2 to the device. I've tried everything I can think of to get the others to show up. In the 410 control panel, I can make 3/4 produce sound by adding it to the 1/2 sw rtn, but then they're linked to output 1/2.

I'm more of an electrician that is now running a space and trying to maximize sound capabilities and this route was suggested to me, but I keep hitting this roadblock. Any help would be incredibly appreciated.


Are you running the free version of QLab or have you bought a licence? Without a licence you are limited to only 2 outputs.

If you have purchased a licence then it might be an issue of QLab not detecting your interface, an problem that is beyond my knowledge and experience.

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