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I need a wireless dimmer from city theatrical. Which version of the QolorFLEX would work with 6 or more incandescent lights on it. Thank you

It all depends on the load of the incandescent bulbs and how you want to control them.

We have a 2 channel and 4 channel wireless dimmer. You can also pair a wired dimmer with a wireless dimmer to give you six channels and control all six separately.

Devices to look at:

5742M Qolorflex wireless 4x2.5a dimmer
5722M Qolorflex wireless 2x5a dimmer
5740 Qolorflex 4x2.5a dimmer
5720 Qolorflex 2x5a dimmer

If you do need the individual control pair a 5742M and 5720.

Just make sure that you don't over load the dimmer. If you have more questions you can call 201.549.1160 ask for John Demous as I am about to hop on a plane.

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