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Queries for Brits; PS, OP & "Bastard Prompt"?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by RonHebbard, Oct 25, 2017.

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    Warning, even more tangential!
    I sometimes get lost in places like wackypedia and such, but this is sort of technology related and even refers back to the OP (eventually).
    Reference reading:
    I have no argument that it was a great day when the reed pen was replaced with the quill. I am greatly puzzled by why the quills were traditionally from the left wing of your large bird. Are most birds right winged except for the outliers who are left winged?
    Then eventually metal replaced the quill. Granted the metal nib was around as long as the reed pen, but it was a long time before nib makers got their steel together. In fact it was in 1822, for the dip pen, then eventually the fountain pen, how cool is that, the ink actually inside the pen. Ah the progress of technology. I wasn't around when the wheel was invented, but as Booger Tom* has said "saw one of the first ones, didn't much care for it, things started moving too fast after that."

    *Booger Tom is a character in Peter Bowen's Montanna Mysteries.
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