Question about SlimPar 56's and Chauvet Obey 10

I have 16 of the slimpars and i have them connected via the adj wi-fly's and when i put them on the addresses they need to be in, i noticed something weird. When it's in 3 channel mode it works fine, but when i switch to 7 channel mode, the 1st fader for the red channel turns to the green channel and the red channel can be found on bank b on the last fader. Am i doing something wrong?
I did patch it at first straight to the obey 10 to make sure the lights worked but that was under the 3 channel mode and it worked like it's supposed to. Its only when i put it in the 7 channel mode that made it act weird, but that was when i had it connected to the wifly. i'll try it direct to see if it made a difference.
I plugged it in straight to the board like you said @wolfman005 and it worked like normal, all the faders were where they should have been on the board. Then i plugged in the wifly on the same channel and it worked fine. I don't know what i did different the other day but it seems to be working fine now. And thanks for the tip @AxlD1234 :)

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