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Since nobody is using this topic, I will...

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 236. What is it?

1st person to get it right gets 32 brownie points! :)


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Mmmmmmm.... brownies.


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DANG IT! Pi seriously was the answer. I didn't think any of you would guess that...

Oh well.

(I have a small obsession with pi...memorized 102 digits...that's why I chose that number often)

32 brownie points to Peter... :)

(I should have picked something like i times the square root of 34/55...)


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I've actually never heard of that song....

(obsession maybe wan't the right word. Minor fascination. It's just my favorite number...)


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My other guess was going to be e.... but the mention of brownies pushed me towards Pi.

I go to a very intensive science / technology college and it has happened on more then one occasion that a professor has asked a similar question and someone always shouts PI or e.


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****! i was going to say e. or mix it up a little and go for the natural log of pi or something.

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