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QUICK HELP - Le Maitre Neutron XS

Discussion in 'Special Effects' started by johnrblack, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. johnrblack

    johnrblack Member

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    I've got a Le Maitre Neutron XS that is acting up. It gives a "2-flash" warning, which indicates either a loose or bad thermocouple fitting onto the tube, or a higher than desired resistance in the tube current path. I'm guessing it is due to the later. I am trying to test the thermocouple with a DC voltmeter between earth and R5 per the maintenance manual - BUT I can't find "R5" - anyone know where it is? It doesn't seem to be labeled on mine.
    I'e got a show opening tonight, so this is a "quick" plea for help. Thanks!
  2. Traitor800

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    Lititz, PA
    Theres another post around here about the XS. The big one is to make sure that your thermocouple is still attached to the heating tube (its a very common problem for the XS to have it come off), if the thermocouple is not connected secularly then take a piece of copper wire, I usually use 1 strand from a piece of 12g or 14g stranded wire, and wrap it around the contacts of the thermocouple and the heating tube to hold it together. If its the other problem I have no idea where R5 is. Hope this helps.

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