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Radiance Hazer Problem

Discussion in 'Special Effects' started by SCZachary, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. SCZachary

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    We have a LeMaitre Radiance hazer that has been giving us problems. It recently completely stopped outputting. I discovered that the bottom of the unit was filled with burnt fluid, which I think is the source of the other problems. I cleaned it out, hoping it was just a really bad clog.

    Turned it on in solo mode, and nothing. Neither the fan nor the pump are running. I noticed that the ready light is steady on, but the dmx light is flashing. On our other working unit, the dmx light is off when dmx is disconnected.

    I'm concerned that it might be a circuit board issue from the flooding. Does this sound right or does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. porkchop

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    The service manual describes a cleaning process that is more aggressive than I think most people would think necessary (including using a screwdriver to scrape most, but not all, of the burnt fluid from the vaporizing chamber). If you unit still isn't happy put it in stand alone mode (operator's manual if you don't know how) and see if you can spin up the fan and/or pump manually. The coating on the circuit board does a pretty good job of protecting the board from damage so it is usually other things inside the unit that fail like the pump, fuses, and the rotary DMX address switches that are attached to the board, but not coated.
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    Once you have cleaned one of these it will take you 10 minutes top (after it has cooled off). I suggest turning it off, opening the machine up, removing the heat/insulation guard with a pair of pliers, stop there and go for your meal break. When you get back then you shouldn’t burn your hands removing the nuts and washers. Be careful with the gasket. Grab a flat head screwdriver and go to town on the built up burned fluid. Flush with water and wipe with a towel. Grab the proper drill bit and clean nozzles attached to the aluminum block. Reassemble (making sure the nuts are correctly tightened). Plug it back in. Go for coffee. Should be warm enough to test when you get back. Make sure dmx address is correct as you might have bumped it. Sometimes a power cycle is needed if you changed the address.
    Side note, I have to clean mine more often than normal as my heat exchanger is starting to fail. It is. Great machine as nearly every part is easily user replaceable.
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