Rauland PR 1604 Amp


We currently have a Rauland PR1604 Amp powering our booth and green room audio systems. The amp now won't turn on. The circut breaker now keeps tripping and won't run. Does anyone have experieance with this amp?

Kevin Rhodus


Is the circuit breaker you're speaking of the internal protection mechanism inside the amp preventing it from turning on? If so, then either something inside of it has fried or short circuited, or something between the speakers and the amp is shorting.

If you're talking about the circuit breaker on the mains, then it's likley your power cable just as soundman1024 mentioned.


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In following on from above:

Also check to see if the amp has internal fuses and depending upon the location of the breaker (as discussed above) There could be a variety of causes.

If the breaker is on the amp, check for any additional protection (fuses – both internal and external), unplug all inputs and outputs from the amp, turn the volume to 0, inspect the power cord and then try to power it up again.

If it is an external breaker, check any other equipment that is also on that particular circuit, as it may not be the amp causing the beaker to trip. Or, test the amp on a different circuit.

Once you can give us a little more info, I am sure that we can help you isolate the cause a little more efficiently.

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