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Currently me and a fellow techie are trying to find the best way to record audio on our Macs. We are running the sound through one of the aux outputs on our sound board into the line in on my laptop. We are recording with a freeware program called Audacity. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for recording a show that might be helpful.
Umm..first off my experience with Audacity is that it sucks. Being that you are using apple I don't know of a better free alternative, you may be very limited because of that. If you are wanting an output from the board of what is going to the speakers try to use the main output if you can. Alot of boards will have XLR and 1/4in outputs for the main output so pick the one you aren't using for FOH and that may get you a more accurage repersentation of what is going to the speakers assuming it doesn't clip out your computer. Also remember you can record low and normalize on an audio editor after the recording. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
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Arbron, mabby we should try Garage Band?
If you're on a Mac, you need Pro-Tools. Last I knew you could get a free, fully functional 8 track version from the DigiDesign website.
We don't want to go our of the main out because we are using that for our main speakers, and we want to mix the recording slightly differently then what we put out the mains (we want to add in an over stage mic that is not being used by the actual performace, but will allow us to hear the actors).

I suppose we could try Garageband, but I don't know if there are any tools in it for adjusting the sound after we record it, if not, we could always export it back into Audacity to do some editing.
Plus feeding both the mains and recording with mainouts would lower down the level. Thus ruining all your sound efforts for the show. It'd make your sound checks and your recorded levels completely useless. Stick to an aux or a sub.
It works in classic mode. And I know for a fact on the SR24x4 you're levels will be lowered if you run your recording and main levels from the main outs.
In the specs it says:
"Double-bused" sub outs for eight track recording without repatching
I usually mix on a SR32-VLZ-Pro, it has the same features.
I cant install protools on my '01 ibook. I get a DAE error. Any ideas? I installed ONS and than ProTools but it still doesnt work... I looked at sound studio (shareware) and it is mac os x native, records, and has some basic editing.
Why is audacity bad? works fine for me.
While it's not free, Peak is a great audio editing app. It will set you back about $100 with an educational discount.
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Nice! I love that ad campaign for apple. I bought one of the Buz Aldrin posters...
Thanks, LX-88! :)
uh, I use Audacity on PC, and I love it! it's pretty basic, but it works. Just the other day I recorded a band, it was an acoustic EP album, and I recorded it with an Audiophile 24/96 for a soundcard, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro for a board, a huge assortment of micrphones that I borrowed, though I do own about half of them, and Audacity. Got a great sound! It's just as good as the Cakewalk Guitar Tracks program I used to use, a little harder to figure out to do some things, and it doesn't have an easy way to EQ each channel like Cakewalk had. but It';s awesome, free, and it doesn't screw up like cakewalk does! Uh, If I knew how, I'd try to post a little clip of the audio--no idea where to host it for one, and I haven't mixed it all much yet. Anyways, Audacity is kick butt! ;)

though, not the best.
Being that everyone here liked it so much I installed it again and gave it another try. Once again I had a bad experience. I opened two audio files [under 5 minute WAV files 44.1k 16bit standard CD quality]. I messed around for a minute, found out I don't like the EQ options, then decided to try something different. I made a click track, then tried to make a second. My computer hung up that that point. It took a few minutes to recover. I watched my RAM after I hit end task..200mb drop. How does a program use 200mb with that little audio? I know my system isn't the greatest with 256mb RAM but I deal with about 90 minutes of audio in Wavelab and it seems like I am not outside the bounds of using RAM. I don't know of a program I would advise over Audacity if you use Apple. I can see where it would be useful and a great choice after toying around with it again. If your computer likes it it would probably be a really good program, I guess my computer messed my experience with it up, but it isn't a slow computer. They advise 64mb RAM and I am well over that, and well over the CPU requirement too. [One of those Athlon 1700+'s that made a name for how well they overclock.] My audio card shouldn't have been an issue [Creative Audigy] and my OS [WinXP] shouldn't have been either. Anyone have any ideas as to why it would be hanging up?

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