Red + Green = Yellow (ish)


I have these crazy people (yes, crazy - last year they insisted on making green out of blue and yellow:rolleyes: ) coming in for their dance recital for the second year. I have just been informed that I better make yellow on the cyc, but I've never been able to do it. Whenever I mix red and green it doesnt come out very nicely, but they want it. Anybody have some tips on getting a better yellow?
Are you using pure RGB, if you are using colors that are close it might not be a perfect yellow. I'd personally go for some yellow gel or tell the dancers that it scientifically proven that yellow makes people trip
Personaly, I would cut some yellow and throw it up there... You could also go with CMY but you have to watch out because it will wash out very quickly
i wouldnt know what gels we are using because the dance people ordered them but i thought i heard him say they were all named "primary" so hopefully they'll work with that.... the only problem with cutting yellow is that i dont have much yellow, and certainly not enough for cycs... but i like the idea of yellow making you trip, LOL thanks keep posting
np, If it is primary then it should work out, but these theoretical things have this nasty habit of not actually looking nice. If the dance company ordered teh gels, then give them the gels they ordered, and if they complain that its not yellow enought let them know that the get what the brought. (if that is too cynical for you, try making sure you have a nice even wash, the otherthing that might screw you up is if you are dimming the lights because the gels might have a different rate of transmistion as the light dims)
For the record I would advise against CMY mixing. CMY is for subtractive mixing, when you're taking color away from white the result is that. With a CYC you'll be doing additive mixing, trying to add colors to make a different color. RGB is what you want for that. Try full green then play around with the red between 85% and 100% would be my best guess.
I would stick with the ''Scientifically proven to make dancers trip'' line and use a few Cyc lights with yellow gel.....

My $.02
It's definitely possible. The only issue is that you'll get shadow issues if the lights are offset too much spacially (yellow background, but if something comes between the light and the cyc then there'll be a shadow of green and a shadow of red). Something that will help a LOT is using diffuse gels (if you didn't get to order the gels themselves, get some clear diffusion gels and use those in addition to the primaries that the dancers ordered.
R119 is the one i just had my hands on. it looked nice and is the first frost to come to mind
thanks guys... ive never used any diffusers before, so im not real clear on how they work. but the shows over and done with and ive finally got those people outta my hair!!! well at least until next year, lol.....

thanks again everybody

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