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I am looking for a source for my theatre to buy sound equipment from, but I have a relatively small budget. Does anyone know where I can find good stuff (SHURE, etc.) for a decent proce that might cater to educational organizations?
I do get some catalogs from some places, but none of them seem to be very competatively priced.

Thanks All!!


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All pro sound has pretty good deals, and will give educational discounts. Your best bet however is to go with local business if you want to play the "this is for the HS play" card. Find a local music shop and see what they can do for you.


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There are a number of very fine companies out there ready to help you. The big outfits are not always the cheapest, some of the Mom & Pop shops can discount very nicely and are usually of more help in making choices.


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Northern Sound and Light. Cheapest non-ebay prices that I've found for Shure, DBX, and many others. But their selection is somewhat limited to a few brands. But if you want those brands, then email them/call them to get their price. But be warned, their shipping can take 2-3 weeks.

But, after I found that there was a company that had prices that low, I never went to any other...always straight to NSL.


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be careful what you are buying from them, and don't always trust their descriptions, but if you know what you want

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