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We have a Allen & Heath GL2. The console it self it wonderful to work with. Over about the past 4 months it has slowly started dying. I have one channel that seems to be shot and two that seem to cut in and out. I have a show that goes up this weekend and it is the first time I have needed all 12 inputs for a show so I have stuff spread out over a new 8ch mackie (no comments please) I have used this spray electronics cleaner and lubrican from radioshack. It has not helped. Any other sugestions to cleaning/repairing?

I am also considering purchaseing a new mixer to replace this one and the monitor mixer that is even older and combining the two together. I know how to set that up. Any sugestions for a new console, I am up for both digital and analogue solutions.

Thank you for any input you can provide
It is possible that it is something as simple as a dry solder joint or a dead fader.

Contact cleaner/lubricant will only help if there is dirt getting in under the wipers in the fader or if it has dried out.

You could always take it to a service centre and get their thoughts and comments or if you are competent, you could open it up and re-touch the joints yourself. If you have a DMM and the patience, you could meter the stages of the bad channels and compare them to the good ones.

Of course, this is just one of many scenarios that could explain such faults and without seeing (hearing) the nature of your problems it is difficult to offer much more. However, a lot of faults are mechanical in nature (dry joints, broken legs, failed faders/sockets etc). Some things do have common components that fail, which is why it is worth calling the service centre or checking to see if A&H have a user forum.
I would open it myself and check that, but the show goes up this weekend and I dont wanna loose any more that I already have. There are no wipers to prevent dust from getting in side and someone did spill something all over it before I became involved (about a year ago), I have just not needed all the chanels or someone else had designed and used multiple boards.

There is no set budget yet, but most of us would like to consolidate into one console. for most big musicals we have atleasts 2 foh boards and a remote dressing/green room monitor board that is never touched.
Currently only have 10 xlr 2 stereo on the main board.

Thanks for the info guys
Get a guess for how many channels and a price that is reasonable. I'm guessing a 24-32ch frame would be good for you, but remember that is my guess.
Since our current board is a 10 + 2 stereo, and for out bigest stuff we add the additional 8 chanle board, I am thinking a 16 to 24 chanel.
questions. Would spending $12k be too much for you?

we just need an idea of what you think people would go for price wise..
Some people might disagree with me, but if you were working on a smaller budget and wanted to go digital you could look into the Spirit Live 324 from soundcraft. It's standard with 16 mic/line but you could add up to addition 16 with the add on kit. Just a thought. I haven't used this board, but I saw it and have been yearning to ever since.
12k is a bit much, I am looking at no more than 6 but hopefuly closer to 3.

fhs-tech can you provide a link about that console it sounds nice. any one here ever use it??

I am currently looking at the midas venice 16 channel model.(aprox 3k to buy) It seems as though that would work much better for us but other input is still very welcom.
Never buy a sound board that you immediately fill! You will always need one more input sometime in the first six months, or so says Murphy's Law.
Just a quick read into some other suggestions. I suspect that a board with 16 channels would be a good purchase, and 24 channels might be nice for long term expansion. You also need to consider that depth of control you need. While the soundcraft 324 would be a great board that would likely give you enough ins and out to do monitoring as well, it's far more complex than you should be considering. It allows you to do complex midi triggering, digital routing, and other features that will likely confuse first time or beginning operators. Someone who is familiar with digital consoles might be moderately proficient in a few hours, but I suggest an anolog console in places where over the course of it's lifetime, many people will be trained in operation.

And while the Midas Venice is a nice board, it might be overkill for what you're needing. I'd first of all suggest getting your original board repaired, but if a new purchase is in order, another Allen-Heath, or a Soundcraft Spirit might be in the right direction.
Fox - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" We generaly do not get more than 10 ins durring any show so 16 would provide for some expansion.

seanb - I would agree the console is to complex to do quick changes and it did not look like it provided enough outs to do effects and monitoring.

soundman - can you clarify the number of inputs that the midas series has. I have read that the 160 is 8 the 240 is 16 and the 320 is 24 then somewhere else i will read it goes 16, 24, 32.

Thanks for all of your input.

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