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Looking for help in replicating a specific concert lighting effect on stage, that being a bunch of small beams of light coming out of a single light and spinning. The effect I'm looking for is similar to what the lights look like in this video:
In particular I am looking for a gobo that would help me achieve this effect. I am already planning to get a gobo rotator and a hazer, just not sure what gobo would help me get this effect.



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Take a look through Rosco's rotation flavor templates. Link.

Here is a link to similar templates from Apollo. Link.

You're going to want something that creates shafts of light so the templates that are very open are most likely not what you are looking for. If you want the beams of light to be more pronounced then you will want to choose something that only has a few holes in it. There are lots of options to create an effect similar to the video you linked so browse through the patterns and see which one fits what you've envisioned in your mind. The circles are probably a good place to start looking at in the catalog.


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Caution: I don't have a lot of experience with gobos.
Possibly the Apollo ME-2230, "Focus Point."

Gobo image from the website:

I don't have experience in use of gobos for rock concerts, but I always imagine this kind of gobo rotating in the air with haze. Now that I've reviewed the video a few times there is one shot where you see alternating light similar to the Focus Point gobo.


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Look up the manuals for popular moving lights; they usually include pictures of the gobos. Mac Viper, VL3000, BMFL, etc. You can get those same gobos or very similar for any fixture.


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Don't forget, a lot of the modern effects that look like that are created by 8 facet prisms, specifically those in beam fixtures like the Sharpy or Beam 5R. That doesn't translate as well to putting into place with a conventional fixture as an accessory. Something like this or this will get you close to that. That Focus point gobo is a really great starting point for nice beams in haze. Take a look around at what gobos are shipped standard in moving lights to get an idea of what's out there. Most of the things that are loaded into the rotating wheels on modern lights are intended to be run in the air through haze (that's a pretty gross over simplification, but it gets the idea across).


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There is another video I've seen just recently now that appears to use a gobo similar to Apollo's Tunnel Vision (ME-2287). Putting this here so others can find it :D. All you need is something the can break up the light with decent amount of dark so you don't over do the rays of light to keep them separate.
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There are a lot of "moonflower" gobos and that's really what you want. The "focus point" is cool, but not what is used in that video. The first one I can remember seeing is one called "gatling gun"

They're often called "moonflower" because there was an old dj light generally called a moonflower, but even within that there is a lot of variation (pattern, color, etc.).

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Several of the possible answers people suggest here seem to me not to be possible since the pattern of that lighting is asymmetrical: you can see the bright spot move around the cone of light.

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