Its been a while since I’ve been able to run a console, and I want to keep the programming brain/fingers fresh. Aside from the videos, and online classes through ETC, could someone recommend a cheap(ish)/affordable visualizer or type of software for Windows based PC that would help me see what I’m doning in my offline editors? Working with EOS right now but also need to brush up on HOG and GrandMA. Need to add practice to theory before I’m in the hot seat again. Thanks!


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I use the Ma 3D visualizer with Ma PC software passing through the output from EOS "offline" when I'm preparing my shows for the community theater group here. I have the full theater built up in Ma so the appropriate fixtures are in the appropriate places with approximate focus to match their nominal focus (and I adjust the specials as needed to hit the 3d model of the set provided by the set designer).

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