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College Research Help!

Discussion in 'Education and Career Development' started by doggmann, Dec 14, 2016.

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    Design Teacher/Tech Dir./Scenic&LIghting Designer
    Fairfax, California
    Hi all,
    Currently working on an MFA in Stage Design and Lighting at the Lir Academy, Trinity College, Dublin Ireland. Loving the program - VERY hands on. Of course, there's a couple courses with some papers to write, one in Contemporary Theatre Practice.
    I'm working on a paper about Bobby Baker - British performance artist. I found some archive footage of a couple of her pieces on the Routledge Performance Archive. Surprisingly Trinity Library (a fantastic library!!) doesn't have a subscription to this.

    Does anybody have a subscription through their institution that I could use for a couple days while I finish up this paper?! I know it's not cool to ask for people's ID and passwords online, but this is strictly for research purposes.

    Message me if you've got any leads. I've requested from Trinity Library to sign up or at least get the free trial, but it'll take longer than I've got to write this paper...

    thanks for the help, as always!
    Peter Parish

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