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So here's a question: I know recently there was a thread about a specific person's resume/portfolio configuration. However, I'm wondering what those of you who have been in the hiring position before or those who have been updating and creating resumes for yourselves for years have discovered to be the best ways to present yourself.

What do you include?
In what order?
How long?
What do you feel is most important?
Do you tag on a portfolio with plots/images?


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The link in the previous message provides good information. From an employers' perspective I can offer the following suggestions:
1. Keep the cover letter and resume brief, not more than one page for the cover letter and not more than two pages (one page is better) for the resume.
2. Double-check all spelling and punctuation. A well written cover letter is critical, I want to hire someone with excellent communication skills who will represent my company professionally. If you blow the cover letter there's no need to look at the resume.
3. Don't clutter the resume with too much information. Choose clean, easy to read fonts not smaller than 10 point. I want to be able to quickly skim your supervisors' names and references to see if I know any of them. If I do know someone that you've listed, I will contact them.
4. Include your references. Having to request references takes more time than moving on to another resume that already includes them.
Sadly, many employers don't spend more than a few seconds on a document that you've spent hours creating. The good news is, if your cover letter and resume are organized and articulate they will earn a longer review.
Good luck.


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The above posts are good and important, and I agree with the cover letter statements.

When I write my resumes I like to include the following information in the following order:
1. Name. Contact details. Etc
2. Previous Work Experience with a small outline of what it was about
3. Education
4. Other information (Language Skills, Computer Skills etc)
5. References and Referee's

All of that with a well thought out cover letter.

Hope this helps
Everyone above has posted great resume advice but as far as your actual portfolio is concerned, here are some tips:

I don’t understand your “tag on” question so I’ll just explain to you how I made my whole portfolio and if I answer your question, great and if not, maybe someone else can use it.

Go to your local art supply store and get a presentation case (an actual portfolio doesn't have pages). What size you'll need depends on what all you want to put in it. If you want to put in full size plots, you'll need a larger one (probably 14 x 17) that will cost around 100 bucks. You can get them for far less or far more based on what they’re made of.

I’ll assume you know how to print plots with title blocks as you’re a CAD artist. That should have the show name and anything you’d need in what I think you mean by a tag.

The best way I’ve found to label pictures is to open them in Publisher or the like and put a small title block in the lower right hand corner. The actual picture should have a ½ inch border and the block should overlap this border by ¼ of an inch so it will be ¼ of an inch from the edge of the paper.

Organizing all this into the portfolio is the fun part but I’d suggest getting a little double sided sticky tape as all the pictures like to slide around under the plastic. I also slid a copy of my resume and reference letters into the front of my portfolio.

So there you go, hope I help someone.


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if you want to have a look at a really basic resume i have mine online, it ain't good and needs a re design but

and also if anyone knows where i can find some free hosting with 50mb or more and FTP access without adverts TELL ME i can't find any

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