'Retro-Fitted' ParCans


God alful things! I don't know who came up with the idea, with 16 of them I could only just light the whole stage, ran into them when I went to a high school and used only their gear, they had the gear just no one knew how to use it. Anyway, they put a reflector in them and a 500watt globe.

I gather the idea is to make them cheaper to run, not having to use the ParCan 'bubble' globes, but in the 8 shows they blow the fuses each time a globe blow, we lost 3 globes in a week, not so cheap after all... lucky their not mine :)
The reflector and lamp assembly is called a Ray Light kit. It's primary use is in creating a narrow beam of light similar to that given off by a VNSP lamp or even beam projector. The ray light however has a different look to it all together. A lot of rock and roll shows use them in addition to standard PAR lamps.

They are cheaper over all to buy than a PAR lamp, but the lamp itself does not last as long - not it's purpose. Instead it's a dichroic coated high intensity lamp designed to have a large amount of output for it's wattage. The advantage to some is that the bulb is cheaper on replacement. The disadvantage is that unless you have purchased the various other sizes of ray light reflector in having a differing beam spread only more recently available, you are locked into a very narrow beam of light. This is an effects light for the most part not a general wash luminarie.

Useful to a degree but perhaps for more general use a normal PAR lamp would be of better use. The lamp was 600w which means that with four of them on a 20 amp circuit, if one blew, it could possibly pop the breaker or fuse. There is 800w and 300w lamp versions of the 600w one on the market to choose from also.

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