rigging a full theater cyc in a black box


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We have a theater company coming in to our college black box next fall that needs a cyc. There are currently no soft goods except ground level side tabs in the space. What I would like to do is rig a cyc to 40' truss and pull in up in to place with chain motors. I am looking for a fast load in and load out. The cyc will likely be 40'x20'. Is there any world in which I could pick this with two chain motors? How about three chain motors?

In an ideal world, I could get this rigged this summer and tie the cyc up in a sock to the bottom of the truss and store it in place. Then for load in, I would drop the truss, untie the cyc and raise it back to trim. I feel like this is done in ballroom corporate gigs all the time. Are they any companies near Boston who would sell or rent the necessary rigging?

Thanks for any leads you can provide!
What's your celling height in the black box under an assumed grid a primary question?

Light enough for two chain hoists rigged for a specified speed for loading. Weight of drape & truss etc. weight verses motor rating for desirable speed is adjustable by way of hoist or it's rigging. Rented cyc or using one from stock & folding. One only question not clearly defined - planning to use the main house cyc or a specific 20x40 cyc? Could be a bad idea if using a main stage cyc but folding it with a short ceiling horizontal rigging solution or other concepts. You would be renting a say 20' high x 40' wide cyc correct?

Local egilson1 probably best to off line obviously. Forum would be interested in solutions. Of question for me, if you have less than say a 40' grid, with the rigging... getting that 20' high cyc out - the quick is easy, the getting it out of the way for a black box... normally shorter ceiling of interest..

Interested in more details but seems easy enough on initial proposal.

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