Rigging House Curtain on Oleo Drop

We've been donated a used pleated house curtain.
Seeing as how we are lacking flying facilities, do you think it might be possible to rig it to one of our oleo drops?
Has anyone had any experience doing this?


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I'll avoid the oleo vs olio debate this time and assume you mean a bottom roller, but that may not be for sure as it might be top roller, but generally if it is to roll, no seams nor pleats or seams parallel with roller.

You might be able to brail it. Or perhaps Venetian it probably, but that stacks taller than a roller and nay not work.

Track not an option?
Thanks for you reply, Bill.

Would there be a way for the fabric to collect at the top, so it looks the same as it would if it were flown out?


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Senior Team
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Olios are usually done on much lighter fabric. 16oz or 24oz velour weights a lot and stacks really high. There is no way to really support that kind of load on a roll unless you really design it well. Tait and a few of the other large automation houses have stuff that will do this but it is super expensive. Best bet would be to do a brail or Venetian.

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