RIP incandescent bulbs


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Yesterday, the Department of Energy sped up the demise of general purpose incandescent lamps. (GPIL/GPL in government speak.) They'll be off the market in 2023. For some of us, this will affect our house lighting, along with lights around makeup mirrors. Here's an article with the basics.

Here's an article that predates the final completion of the rule, but it gives the most detail that I could find.

I am all for LED lighting, and energy savings, in the vast majority of applications. I'm optimistic because this will help with climate change, but I'm sad for what it's going to do to some public buildings. For example, I take care of the lighting in a church with some house lighting, around the sides, that uses 150 Watt 'A' bulbs. We'll have to endure the beautiful and artistic blink of dimmed LEDs or do a fixture retrofit costing tens of thousands of dollars. I can also envision circumstances where recessed LED lights will not work reliably due to ambient temperatures in attics. This is going to force architectural changes in some legacy and historic buildings.
I had the same issue with some 150W A lamps at home. I went looking for a suitable replacement. I just finished testing the Philips/Signify 29W A-21 "Warm Glow Effect" dimmable LED lamp--it's a "150W replacement". The ordering code is 29A21/PER/827-22/P/E26WG/HO.

I am impressed with the CCT, the CRI, and the dimming performance, as well as the output. It was better than any drop-in lamp I've ever seen. You may want to give this a shot--it was about $11 at Home Depot.

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Steve, that's very helpful. I will buy and try some with our vintage, Strand CD80AE. It's nice to see a decent bulb that isn't difficult to buy or expensive.

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