Robe Robospot


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Jun 11, 2018
Mackay Australia
Has anyone used, purchased installed the Robe Robospot with BMFL (remote operated followspot). I am chasing opinions both positive and negative. We are looking at the possibilities to remove operators from the rig.

Thanks in advance.
Apr 4, 2017
Los Angeles
Hi Mark,

I used the ROBE BMFL Spot and Robospot two weeks ago for the first time during a concert in LA.. It was very good to have the tripod mounted RoboSpot offstage right and the mover was placed FOH balcony. The production company had used this throughout the tour and when they came to our theatre they set it up quite fast. I'm not sure how since I was only a spot operator coming in later that night before the show.

But what I can tell you is the HDMI video was sharp and it has even a bulls eye to keep the spot centered, it also self adjusts when panning/tilting and zooming. The Lighting Designer had control over all the parameters from the console and kept the master intensity at a level he was comfortable. I was only capable of changing Iris size and zoom. But I'm sure if you're doing all the work you can program the RoboSpot to have more control over the mover if needed. I would highly recommend it as a user.

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