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Rolling office chairs on stage

Discussion in 'Safety' started by chris325, Apr 19, 2009.

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    So in our current production of Fiorello!, one of the scenes involves six office chairs. Well, during yeserday's show, these caused total chaos. In our scene change to the scene involving these, a box was brought on before some of the characters. So one of them, with the chair, trips over it, sending the chair flying. It hits the stage floor, smashes a wheel off, and careens across the stage, coming within an inch of going into the pit. The worst part about it was that the actor who had that chair was then forced to do his full choreography with it, but he amazingly kept himself from falling off the chair. The actors also managed to ad-lib a way to get the wheel off the stage floor. This scene was the beginning of a show filled with screwups everywhere. (Has anyone on here heard of this show? This incident was right before Politics and Poker.)

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