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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by derekleffew, May 5, 2008.

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    Also spelled roundel, and usually pronounced "ron-dell".
    A rondel is a circular glass color media used in compartmentalized striplights or borderlights, sometimes called X-Rays.

    Kopp Glass was/is probably the most common manufacturer.

    Colors are limited to Primary Red/Blu/Grn, Amber, and Clear. Historically, other colors including yellow/canary, surprise pink and no color blue were available. Diameter varies from about 3" to 8"; the most common is 5-5/8" which fit the Altman R40 striplight (and similar) as well as many older 'A-lamp' styles.

    While some may refer to them as lenses, rondels have no magnifying power, although are available in a variety of finishes: smooth, stippled, and 50° spread.
    Rondel-50 spread.jpg
    The lenticular-lined spread rondel works like R104 Tough Silk, spreading the light only in one axis, perpendicular to the lines..

    An exception is the Corona PAR3 and PAR4 fixtures by L&E:

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