Rosco IPS Monitor not working


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We have an Intelligent Power System setup in our auditorium, and the IPS monitor has stopped working for some reason (we get a blank screen when the monitor is on). Has anyone seen this happen before, and does anyone have any idea how to fix it besides contacting Barbizon (who installed our lighting system)?

I have heard of this happening. The screen is lit by little diode things like LED's I believe, after a while they die and have to be replaced.

Simple job, give the installer a call....
Is the remote screen a CRT or LCD Monitor?
Some times if whoever uses the horizon system last dosent save the show, or closes the show out, the remote screen will be blank. Go to file and open the last show. Also have you tried restarting the system?
Also sorry about your classmates. It is a great tragedy. My thoughts go out to you and your school.

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