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Does the Roscoe gel company have a website? Thanks!
Thanks, I just did a general search looking for 'Roscoe' and 'gel' and 'color filters' and I couldn't find anything. Thanks for the link, I'm organizing all of our gels and was looking for the color names. I'm not sure if we're going to need to buy any for the show I'm working on now. I get to do pretty much all of the lighting design! :D We'll see, thanks for the help!
just FYI, its spelled Rosco, not Roscoe, which my computer is telling me a real word....hum, never knew that....
Duh, :lol: that would probably help wouldn't it? Thanks for the correction!
hehe, yea, you should see it when i try to spell. on Microsoft word I disabled the red underline thingie, because every other word I typed would be underlined in red. I love Panther (Mac OS 10.3) because it comes with a spell check for everything else, so far this post I have 4 words underlined in red....
Spelling is good, or if you can't find it (by the way it will eventually end up if not by others by me on the links section.) I'm on "C" at the moment, but if you can't find a supply such as a 'Grid Lock' Clamp, than go to a distributor of the product and look at their links section. Who do you buy your stuff from? For me I went to Sapsis Rigging to find preliminary info about the above clamps sufficient to answer a customer's question, after that it should be easy enough to search for the manufacturer. Otherwise searching and a lot of scrolling for gel would either A) tell you the correct spelling, or B) find you your link. Say do a search for cheeseborough. Correct spelling? Don't know, might find someone spelling it that way. If not search for someone that sells the things, and get it's name etc.

On gel, next time you get supplies grab some swatch books or request them. They are free and not only will tell you names of colors but they make it easier to figure out which are which or design them by. Get some for the shop and home, they are free after all.
The old swatch books are good for making multi-coloured gels for par 64's... only you will find it better to join then with that old school splicing tape you used to use to splice tapes together then lightly wave over it witha heat gun.... looks wicked if done properly!!
Barbarians, I would agree. I don't think I'd even try taping swatch book pieces together, if I were that desparate something would be wrong. :lol: Anyways, I found what I was looking for on Rosco's website, I just got our gel organized so my next step, probably during or after the show I'm working on will be labeling all of our instruments for inventory.
Rosco used to have a Designers' swatchbook that was just about the size you would need for a 3" Fresnel - Inkie, or PAR 20/MR-16 Birdie fixture, might even fit a 3.1/2" Leko. You had to purchase it but for all the gel you got out of the say 3"x4" swatch book it was a lot of gel available. No taping.

On the other hand, should I absolutely have to tape gel, such as in making a scroller real, I would attempt either 1" J-Lar clear tape as scroller tape is called, or some poliester silicone splicing tape. Both are rated for a higher temperature and will hopefully not melt, cause a fire or gum up the gel and light. Face the tape outboard so there is little to no chance of it touching the light directly. Even than a scroller has a fan to keep it cool.

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