Conventional Fixtures Roto-Q gobo rotator. How to cable?

I've happened upon two Apollo Roto-Q DMX gobo rotators that we're hoping to put to use. These came with a PSU 02-4 power supply (75W).

I can't find any description of how exactly to cable these. I'd really appreciate it if someone could validate my cabling guesses.

There are two connectors on the output cable coming directly from the power supply. One female 4 pin and one 5 male DMX connector spliced together.

There are two 4 pin connectors on the Roto-Q one male and one female.

I'm guessing that the female 4 pin from the PS goes to the male 4 pin on the Roto. The other 4 pin connector (male) on the roto is a pass through to another unit (if needed). The remaining connector, the 5 pin DMX spliced to the PS cable is for DMX In.



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It should also be noted on how the 4 pin cable is wired, it is the same used for color scrollers too.

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