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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by icewolf08, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Remote Video Interface. An RVI is an ETC Net3 device that does just what it sounds like, provides a video display at locations other than the lighting console. It allows you to view up to two displays worth of information from the main console. RVIs can be equipped with keyboards and touch screens so that a user may control functions of the console from a remote location. Often RVIs are used to provide tech table displays for an LD or a cuelist display for a stage manager. Some venues put RVIs in various places around the theatre to allow easy access to control of lighting.

    Other manufacturers make similar devices that are often known as Video Nodes, or Remote Video Displays.

    In the olden days, we'd just throw an RG-59 cable out of the booth window. The occupants of the tech table could only look, but not touch. This led to the LD asking (and annoying) the LBO, "Could you 'page down' the screen?" or "Can you change to the QList display?" So to solve that problem, we threw out another cable to the RFU. Which sometimes caused issues with two users sharing one command line.

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