S-4 variations


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So i was hanging for a show the other day and i looked at our s-4s. i noticed that the bodies differed. the differences were minor but they were noticable. the biggest one was in the barrel, the little ledges that hold in the lens wer of a different shape.
My question is, did ETC change their design midway through production?
Yes over the years we have done small redesigns to the S4. The major difference is that the orginal S4s were only rated for up to 575W and then they did a small redsign and they are now rated for up to 750W. Also the barrel has slight redsigns to help improve efficency and construction.

Dustin Strobush
ETC Systems Group
Just wondering, are you talking about the degree of the source four? One thing that I believe can casue them to look different is the fact that different ones are designed to produce light at different sizes. A small number will give you a very focused light where as a large degree will give you a much wider beam.

Hope that helps if its what you were talking about.

I wasn't refering to beam angle. i was refering to the parts that hold the lens.
Also another quesestion. can i change the beam angle of my barrels? it looks like you can unscrew the barrel and swap out the lenses. i don't want to try woithout conformation that i can. leave well enough alone, but i still would be cool to know that if i need more 50s i can just unscrew the 19s.
there are places for diferent lense in the source four. you cant just, say, move a 19 degree lense into the 50 degree location and get a 50 degree. you have to get a different lense. getting a new lense is cheaper than getting a whole new barrel but dont lose the lense if you take it out and remember what degree it is.

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