S4 Gobo Slot

I did a preliminary search and didnt find anything,

Has anyone experienced trouble with source 4 gobo slots being too tight for the pattern holder? by upwards of 1/16th of an inch, and thus no way to fit?

about 3 out of every 25 of our inventory have this problem and I was wondering if this might be a specific lot problem, or something easily fixed?


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Thats odd, never had that issue before. What kind of holder are you using?


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Weird stuff man. Are they by chance older early model S4's?
Wondering if maybe you've got old ones and they didn't quite get their standard gobo slot sizing right initially.

Maybe you got some that were made on Friday a half hour before quitting time and the quality control was a little lax.
Manufactured in fall of last year, we may send a few back to have them checked out, i was just wondering whether it was a common problem, but apparently not. we do seem to have the strangest stuff happen to our equipment.


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I'll guess these gobo holders have two rivets at the bottom of the holder....(?)

We have the one piece bent over style holders, so no rivets, or do you mean in the fixture itself? if that is the case i will have to check it next week when i return to school.

the gobo holders fit into some S4 bodies but not others, and we dont have any holders that dont fit into any, so i belive it is the gate on the S4 that is too small rather than the holders being too large.


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I am sure that you have checked this, but the slot size is adjustable. There are two small screws that you loosen and you can make the size bigger or smaller.


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That's the iris slot, not the gobo slot. Only the iris slot has screws. The gobo slot is right next to the iris slot, and is not adjustable. The iris slot is for irises, glass gobos, gobo rotators, and other devices like the Apollo Smart Move Vertical or the Gam Film FX.


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Maybe they shrank the last time you washed them. Next time wash in cold water and use the gentle cycle in the dryer.:mrgreen:

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