Sad day for NE Ohio community and equity theater tech...


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I have posted countless times that my knowledge... albiet small... was taught to me by a wonderfully brilliant sound engineer of 40+ years, Stuart "Skip" Kelley. He died this week of a heart attack doing his third love... landscaping his yard (theater was his second... his wife, Alice, and two children were his first). Somewhere above there is now a feisty man yelling at musicians for playing too loudly and at actors for screwing with his microphones.

Thank you :(
Sorry to hear of this loss. My condolences to you and others that were influenced by him and to his wife and family.
Please pass on's condolences to his family. When a young member of our theater died, I posted and received many condolences towards the family of the techie. I am sure Skip's family would like to see a print out of this thread.

I, too, wish to send my thoughts and I will be praying for all affected by his passing.

Maybe he will be able to control the greater being of feedback from up above as he looks down on us.
I send my condolences to you and his family/friends.

It's worrying me the amount of people dying from heart attacks these days. :(
Unfortunately, Dale, you are right and I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of fast food that we are eating these days. One thing as technical people that we are, is that our job isn't a 9-5 job and food is whatever is convenient. It's really hard to eat well when working stressful hours and having little time to eat.
My condolances for your loss. I have lost many friends..and some who have taught me. Its never easy but the best tribute you can do is take all they taught you, master it and then pass it on...


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