Safety Cables on the Accessories


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So I have these 3" Fresnels with safety cables mounted to their barn doors by way of shackle around the yoke. At work I constantly fix barn doors that have a safety cable about the frame so as to ensure they should they slip, can’t hit the actor about the head.

Just at work also finished converting a bunch of 30w fixtures into 650w fixtures by way of safety screen and safety cable that was also clipped to the yoke given the caps frequently fall off once hit. Yet at home and as common for the industry, a 6" Fresnel much less top hat is not safety cabled.

Given a full barn door accessory is often just as heavy as that of a fixture, yet can once hit by moving scenery fall even more easily, the question is do you safety your own barndoors and tophats?

A gel frame is one thing should it fall, how about the barn door or top hat?
Barn doors are safetied, and although it would make sense to do so, the top hats are not.
we have safetys on both.... and alot of shows that travel with s4's in trucks have the barrel safetied off to the housesing due to barrel knobs rattling out....
barndoors yes... tophats no... but the top hats are latched into the fixtures...
We saftey barndoors, but don't have a way for tophats, though we rarely use them anyways.

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