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Salutations from a newbie

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by kmabbey, May 29, 2009.

  1. kmabbey

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    I am a new member and am very happy to have located this wonderful source of very interesting and knowledgable folks. I am an elementary and middle school drama teacher at a private school in Calif. I am a one stop shop! I perform a musical each year with grades 1-5th a different show for each grade and class suited to that age group. I teach a Behind the Scenes class with my middle schoolers, a musical, and a drama.
    I just completed 7 productions and am in the process of tidying for the next year and submitting script selections. (yes, I choose the show, teach the music, direct, choreograph, build the sets, get the props, design and get the costumes, change the lights, etc...)

    Yes...I am insane! I love my job but most of the time feel very inadequate.

    What I love most is inspiring the children to really become involved in theater. I am happy to say that my first Behind the Scenes class fall trimester inspired several students to help me with all the rest of my shows for the year! Yeah I didn't have to run sound, lights, and the show all by myself.

    We just finished Twelfth Night and I am happy to say the students really understood the show ( closing night anyway)
    Mulan was my biggest event last year and I am happy to say the class was loaded with talent and was an enormous success.

    As a high schooler I was in all the school plays/musicals, won several awards for humorous interp and storytelling (category long gone), and was a dancer/choreographer. I went to Santa Clara University as a dance major and changed within one quarter. Didn't gel with the current reigning drama folk. Graduated with a History / English degree, went on to travel and then work for 10 years (operations management, efficiency expert) Had children, got back involved with theater.
    Had the wonderful mentorship at a local childrens non profit organization nationally recognized each year. Worked as costumer, parent volunteer in many areas, and general support. Fell into my current job and LOVE it!

    Not experienced in the technical aspect of theater and learn more than I can say daily. Hence the happy happy day when I located control booth.

    Off to read more scripts for the upcoming year.
  2. cdub260

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    Southern California
    Welcome aboard from one Californian to another.

    Have fun in the forums, and feel free to jump into the discussions at any time.

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