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So our HS auditorium is the process of being renovated (Finally!!!). The other day, they pulled down the raceways from the electrics (yep, everything was fixed) and asked us what we want to do with them. Since they had to pull them down on a scissor lift, we now have two raceways (40'ish, 2P&G, probably about 30 circuits on each) in two pieces each. Is there anything worth salvaging from these? Are they worth keeping around? At the very least I figured I could chop off the pigtails and make some twist-lock to 2P&G (our second space uses twist-lock... ). Anyone have other ideas for it? We can't donate it or give it away, right now it's destined for a dumpster.


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I would at least pull all the copper out of them before throwing them away. That alone should be worth a nice little chunk of change.


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the rubber in the pigtails gets old. Depends on the condition of to re-use.

The panel mount receptacles if of Union brand, and those crappy sharp spring grips... I believe are no longer made. Don't know the circumstances of your auditorium or its gear, but the panel mount outlets if still in use in other gear including your dimmers if in use for the future would be good to save.

After that... gee, clamps or brackets if in use? Kind of surprised the raceway needs replacement as opposed to removal and re-installation assuming nothing wrong or different in new concept. This assuming smart sticks or line voltage power to LED isn't the next use. If direct replacement... this was a waste of money.

If overall in good condition, is it feasible to send them to a theater down the food chain from your school? Two weeks ago, I was at a grade school that had commercial industrial raceway with medium screw receptacles about 24" on center in having R-30 lamps screwed into it, than hung from a pipe as their only gymatorium lighting. Cannot imagine how many theaters lacking a power raceway I have seen or worked at over the years.


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The last time raceway was to be reused it had to be replaced because the insulation inside was dry and just moving the strip from old pipe to new left a lot of bare wires. So before reusing 25-50 year old raceway, inspect it inside and out, especially at clamps, strain reliefs, and where conductors bend. If it's not in really good shape, replace, as cheaper with other work going on than to do separately in a few years. And before considering field rewiring, check the price and quality (and UL listing) of new.

Wiring does not last forever.


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reduce, reuse, RECYCLE!


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Last set of raceways I pulled netted about $300 in copper at the local recycler.
30*2 would be 60 conductors, 12 AWG or better. LOT of copper.


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Lop the connectors off if they are in good condition, strip out the copper for the metals recycler if you're got extra time, and embrace the corporate (or in this case governmental) waste that you will get to enjoy for the rest of your working life. If the strain reliefs for the pigtails are easily removable I might grab a few of the ones in the best shape.

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