Sane People!

Or maybe not. But still, cool stuff! A friend of mine who was instrumental in snatching my poor freshman soul for the theatre sent me the link to this forum, and I don't know whether to swat her, or thank her. I suppose if I'm serious about lighting design though, this is a happy thing!
Mmmm... Punk little freshie, but still useful. ;) Couple of years in community and school theatre, where acting was the original intent. Boy, did I get smart fast. :grin:
Nice to meet y'all!


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ahhh, my freshman joined! *hugs* this is a friend of mine everybody! be nice to her! :D (yes everyone, i've been telling my fellow student techs at my college about this forum, i'm gonna tell my ATD about it tomorrow when i have his class, he loves online resources that he can tell future classes to get information from)

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