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Saving Unison Looks

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Chris Chapman, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Chris Chapman

    Chris Chapman Active Member

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    Technical Director
    Greenville, Michigan, United States
    Lots of Unison talk lately. I was trying to update my Unison looks the other day and ran into a problem. Recording looks from Console "should" be easy, but something is not working right.

    Step 1: Unlock Unison so you can record. (check)
    Step 2: Create Look on Board (check)
    Step 3: Press Record from Console Button (check)
    Step 4: Goto other page to record to. (check)
    Step 5: Press the Record button (circle) (check)

    Look is not recorded. What's wrong with this process? What step is in the wrong order?
  2. willbb123

    willbb123 Active Member

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    Iowa USA
    I'm assuming you have the touch screen panel. I've never used the touch screen one but on the button one you have to hit "Manual" before you hit Record.
  3. Sean

    Sean Active Member

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    Alexandria, VA
    Not necessarily. "Manual" may be programmed to do any number of things.

    To the original question: Has this sequence worked before? You may be having other problems....

    Try resetting your Unison Processor(s) and trying again.

  4. SteveB

    SteveB Well-Known Member

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    Brooklyn, NY
    What is happening is that the Unison processor has a DMX line run to it and Unison is always "seeing" the DMX info being sent to the dimmers from the main console. Unison is also configured to be able to Snapshot a DMX look from the main console. Unison is essentially a 2nd console, that also sends DMX to the dimmers, thus when you Snapshot, you now have a piled on signal, one from main console, one from Unison.

    The problem might be in the Unison recording process. After you press the Record button (assuming an LCD screen), while the Record button is highlighted, you need to next press the Target button - I.E. whatever button is configured as a Preset to capture the main console DMX values. This is how Unison captures a DMX look, but it needs a place to send it that is usually a screen preset.

    It sounds like the "Record from Console" button is the Preset used to capture the DMX look, thus (If I'm guessing correctly), the process should be:

    1) Generate a look from main console
    2) Un-lock Unison page/station to enable recording
    3) On the page that has the button labeled Record from Console, press the round Record button
    4) While Record is highlighted, Press the Record from Console button.
    5) The Record from Console button should now be edge highlighted and you should have a capture of the DMX look.

    If this is not the syntax for your system, then more info. is needed.

    Be aware that on some systems, Unison can be configured that once DMX values for certain dimmers are being sent out of Unison, it will over-ride the main console DMX output. Hard to say without seeing the Unison file in Light Manager.

    Steve B.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2008

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