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Say hello to the new guy

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by GrandTour, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. GrandTour

    GrandTour Member

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    Hi everyone my name is Greg and I live in Alberta Canada.

    I just started working in theater last year with Princess Cruises. Before that I was in Toronto booking and stage managing battle of the bands across Canada. I only have a few years experience, but I'm in love with the work and eager to learn.

    I love being back stage for the shows, but my goal is to get myself up in the lighting booth. If you want to discuss lighting and have any knowledge to share I would love to chat.

    I mainly joined the site to oversee other peoples threads on technical gear, past experiences, job postings, etc. I also look forward to picking other peoples brains about the industry.

    Cheers everyone and I look forward to being a member
  2. lieperjp

    lieperjp Well-Known Member

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    Central Wisconsin
    Welcome, [USER]GrandTour[/USER]

    If you could, please share some experiences you have working on a cruise ship. Many young techs are interested in this as a job and some firsthand experience would be great.

    For the information you seek, check out the invaluable search feature found at the top toolbar. Don't be afraid to tack on new questions to old threads. The only stupid question is the one that has been asked five times already.
  3. NickJones

    NickJones Active Member

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    Somewhere far far away, Vic, Aus
    Yus we would! I would luuuuuurrrrvvvve to work on a cruise liner. I find that doing desk can somtimes during long scenes get boring, but if a long scene came along you could just go and sit by the pool till the scene is over.... I think that way...... Ever done anything like that??? I can help you with some basic lighting needs, I have experience with ETC IONS and Strand's. The Strand 500/300 is one of the most popular consoles around here. So if you wanted to learn a lighting OS that would be a really good place to start. I taught myself using the Strand 300/500 OLE (Off Line Editor) It basicly allows you to try it without actually getting the console itself. But you need to get DOS and other annoying stuff, there are ways around it if you are interested, but again, if you are PM me, try follow-spot for a while if you want to get in the booth, although it's not the most exiting job, you are up there and it may give you a chance to just much about on a desk, which really is the best way to learn, as manuals for both the Strand & The ION are 500 + pages each. If I can't sleep I should just pull out the manual......

    Anywho, I'm here to help if you need it.....
    Nick Jones

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