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I am working on a show that has a platform 11' off the ground and is 14' x14'. One actor on top and others below.
Originally I had a fabricated welding a frame for me but has since taken a higher paying job. I am a wood worker and can build a platform but the front legs they want pipe. The design is not a cantilever.
Going through books, the span is bigger than a triscuit or stressed skin.
I am contemplating making a floor from 2x8x14. Back supports from 4x4 and front with 2" pipe legs on 4x4 plates.
Any guidance or knowledge would be greatly appreciated


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Will you be able to anchor it to the floor or no?


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Structural Design for the Stage by Alys Holden and Ben Sammler would be a great resource here. You need to consider the loading and rating of the beams and joists; loading, rating and slenderness of the posts (legs); and bracing. I think (not sure without looking it up) that 2" pipe is too slender for that length without bracing along the length. Also, pretty sure is 14' is too long a span for 2x8.

A lot depends on were you can put legs and bracing. But think about a design that uses just a few beams capable of the span (maybe 3 or 4 - US, C and DS, supported by legs) and then smaller joists running the other direction between the beams.

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