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Has anyone used SCS 9. What are the good sides and the bad sides. Is there any better programs that i can use, or a better set up. The production that i am working on have 100+ SFX, and it would be a pain to do the production with a 2 CD player set up


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I have not used 9. But if it is anything like it's predecessors, it is well worth the money.


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QLab is considered to be one of the premiere sound effect playback systems - it's used in venues all the way from high schools through Broadway and West End productions. And it's free to boot!

(I don't work for Figure 53; I'm just a happy user).


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To second mbenonis, Qlab is an amazing (and cheap) solution. It works very well. For just $50, you can get the basic upgrade, which gives you many more features. It has a broad compatibility with interfaces. The only drawback is that it only works on macs. But, if you have a mac computer available, this is the way to go. Plus, the user interface is better than any other sound cue program that I have used.


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I've used the demo, which allows the use of all the features, but has a 30 minute time frame. I liked it a lot, and it lets you do a lot with it. I think it would efinitely be worth it. I personally prefer it to SFX, but that is just me, and I do not know the intricate details of either program, other than what little I have learned from their demos.

I have also heard a lot about Qlab, and I know a lot of people who like it. If you have a Mac, it is definitely the way to go.


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If you have a mac, go with qlab. but, in the event you have a pc, scs9 is a very full featured program with a lot of power for very little money. I use it for a number of the shows i do and it works very smoothly. It takes a little getting used to in order to program cues, but so will any other program. awesome substitute for SFX, same quality of program as long as you dont need midi control.


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Well, originally our we where given a pc to use for the program now, and i am not complaining, but now we are using a mac. Thanks for your help guys


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I've been running SCS for almost a year now, with a perfect track record. I'm a PC guy (not Mac) so I haven't had a chance to look at QLab. For my needs -- 8 discrete speaker output locations, lots of sound movement between speakers, overlaying music tracks and FX -- SCS does a great job for me.

The author, Mike Daniell, is also very, very easy to work with and very responsive to bug reports and enhancement requests. He has implemented several of my product suggestions with under a year of usage. Mike is in the process of coding v10 of the software to run on Mac and PC, but for now SCS9 is PC only.

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