Control/Dimming Searching for a very simple inexpensive LED lighting Console with the button or knob for Color control

i’m looking at the Yorkville LP-12 but it is limited to their proprietary fixtures. The Chauvet Obey 6 is interesting but I don’t think it allow scenes. The Jands stage CL is quite expensive … any other ideas. I’m looking for a consul where you don’t have to go into the menu to pick colours … more hands-on surface control … elementary / junior high student operator level.


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Maybe a Chauvet Obey 40? It's a little weird at first but once you wrap your brain about it, it's easy to operate.

Or maybe the American DJ DMX Operator 192. I haven't used it, but it looks similar to the Obey 40 and is similar quality.

My preferred brands at that price point are definitely Chauvet DJ and American DJ. None of the products are spectacular in durability or long term reliability, but those two brands care about their reputation and offer support.

There are no perfect options in that ultra low budget range. Read manuals watch demos and find one that works for your needs.

Also don't underestimate middle school kids. A little training and they can do all kinds of stuff. I started mixing audio in 5th grade.


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If 1300$ is to expensive then maybe switch to a nomad school edition and when you can get a wing add it on.

You could always go the used route and get a expression 3 or element but if this is a school funding for used gear might not work.

I would not get that yorkville thing ever.


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I've used a stairville dmx master in an elementary/ junior school environment. They're a bit limited but may fit your requirement. Quite easy to get your head round and very inexpensive. Not sure if the range is available in the States, though I'd be surprised if not, since these seem to be badge engineered under several marques all over Europe.

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LSC mantra lite? They over a touch screen to control colour. Not hard to use and will store a cue list for you.


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I believe the ADJ WiFly NE-1 would work decently for you. Check out the tutorial videos linked on the product page.

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