Seeking suggestions for Cat5/6 for DMX patch cables


My theatre is upgrading all of our lekos to Source 4WRD units, which carry DMX over RJ45 ports (No 5 pin DMX connectors).
I'm looking for the best option for the 150 or so patch cables that we will need. I really want to buy patch cables that are flexible and durable without reaching into ruggedized/tactical/Ethercon territory.
I really would like to avoid the frustration of stiff, uncooperative cables with coil memory.
I read a bit about solid vs stranded, with a spline or without, Cat5e vs Cat6 thickness and jackets, but I haven't laid hands on the myriad options out there.
I'd also like to find the best connector boot out there that would reduce the likelihood of breaking tabs off, but not having to curse when trying to depress the tabs.

What do you all use for patch cables that get day to day use and constant connection and disconnection?


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Check out Lex they make great cables.
Personally I abhor using RJ45 for DMX, Some folks love it.

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