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I am looking for a good and cheap place to rent a Selecon Pacific 90 degree ellipsoidal or something similar. I am located in Michigan and looking for something possible within a short drive, as to not pay shipping costs. If you have had a great expierence with a particular rental house let me know. The time frame is October 14 to Oct 31.

That's pretty specific..any reason why you'd want to use that fixture over anything else?
Well, so far that is all that I have found that solves my problem. I need to project a gobo on the rear of a cyc but I only have a throw distance of 12 feet, and i need the largest diameter i can obtain. I can not do a front projection because there is a 3D cave portal in front of the cyc and i want the Moon projection larger than the opening of the cyc. If there is something out there that will take care of this, for cheaper, i would consider it.

Wow, that's a wide throw you want....your best bet night be to call around to a few shops in the area, and tell them what you need it for, rather than asking for a specific light. They should have something that will work.

Check out those "image projector" gobo lights for dj's. Maybe that will do the trick. I'm not sure on their throw, but I'd imagine it's a bit more adjustable than an ellipsodial.

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