Sennheiser e835


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I'd like your opinions on this mic...does anyone use it, and if you do, are you happy with it? How does it sound compared to the ol' standby SM58? They both cost about the same (less if you buy the three pack :wink: ). We have A-T ATM41HE's right now, and we're looking to get more mics with our sound upgrade.
I like it, it's a really good mic, different sounding than a 58, so really it depends on your sound preference/style. I'd put them both on an equal playing field.
The_Guest said:
The E835 is great contrast to the 58. It has a great anti-shure (not that shure is bad, but instances some mics will sound better than others) vocal mic. It's much cleaner and smoother sounding then the 58. But it's no where as strong and widely accepted as the 58. And it sure (no pun intended) isn't as warm or natural sounding as the 58. But it's definitely a mic to have around when you need something to contrast the zillion 58s you already own.

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i use both the 58 and the e835. matter of fact when we needed the 58's for something else i put a e835 in for my music leader for my church

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