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Service and Repair Vendors

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by derekleffew, May 26, 2009.

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    Where do you go when something goes wrong?

    #1. Your local vendor, preferably the one who sold you the equipment, and one with whom you've built a relationship, the kind of relationship where he'll give you a loaner or demo product while yours is being repaired. See Dealers for Supplies & Equipment.

    #2. The manufacturer. Much of the same as above applies, but it helps to be a high volume or high profile client.

    #3. For discontinued and obsolete equipment, it gets a little tougher, and likely you'll need to go to a specialty vendor.


    Century Lighting Service, Inc.
    18-02 River Road
    Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-1201
    Phone (201) 791-7001; Fax (201) 791-3167
    Contact: Sal Maratta & Joel Epstein
    E-Mail: [email protected] (CB member [user]salvee[/user]); [email protected]
    Specializing in old and obsolete dimming equipment to current equipment. Field service coverage of the Eastern United States.
    Strand and Century.

    DimmerDotCom / Emlight
    Maurice Garcia
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    CB member: DimmerDotCom
    Primarily servicing and upgrading Strand, EDI, and Electro Controls systems.

    Dimmer Performance Electronics
    Owner: Horst Emmert
    326 Sherwood Drive
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    Tel.# (201) 262-7299
    Fax# (201) 262-0444
    Kliegl Bros.

    EDI Service and Repair
    Alan Child
    Phone 503-781-7361
    [email protected]
    Electronics Diversified, Inc. equipment

    Lite-Trol Service
    Steve Short, [email protected]
    485 West John St.
    Hicksville, NY 11801
    1-800-LITE-TRO (548-3876)
    Fax 516-681-7288
    All brands of dimmers and control.

    Robert Mokry or Don Pugh
    2507 West Howard Lane
    Austin, Texas USA 78728
    [​IMG] 512.873.7106
    [​IMG] 512.727.2885
    Parts and service for most brands of automated fixtures.

    Luella lighting
    CB member: DrBear
    Toll Free (Canada): Ph/Fx 1-866-898-1597
    Regular: Ph/Fx 1-604-898-1597
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Serving Western Canada

    Marty's Theatrical Maintenance
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 661-264-2861 • Fax 661-264-2894
    Located in Lancaster, CA, but available to travel
    "Specializing in Colortran, MACRO and NSI products."

    Parlights, Inc. Theatrical Lighting and Rigging
    One Wormans Mill Court, Suite #7
    Frederick, MD 21701
    Phone: (301) 698-9242
    Fax: (301) 846-0369
    Email: [email protected]
    EDI, Strand, and others

    Special Lighting Solutions
    Jack Schmidt
    phone (712) 326-9246
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Training and repair of followspots, primarily Strong

    Audio Equipment:


    Disclaimer: Inclusion in this post is purely for informative purposes and does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by ControlBooth.
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