Seussical the Musical


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This is our spring musical, I was wondering if anyone had soem suggestions or ideas for the lighting. Personaily I find this show annoying and I don't want to listen to it till I absolulety have too. I'm going to be limited with alot(out of commision flysystem). Any ideas would be greatly welcomed, thank you for your time.
i have not done this show but some of our actors did it with a theatre group they belong to, i cant help with lighting cause they wont know, but if you have set questions or anything i could try asking them.
ive been hearing the music since last year and now its at the point of i will shot the stereo with a gun if i hear it. i believe were planing 5-6 scenes all on rolling platforms. i think ill just let my SM design it and ill figure out to do it, it works best that way.
Ok, well, I saw the show on broadway many years ago (well, at least 5) (and hated it, but I heard the broadway show was a bad for other reasons then the book)

I have never done the show, but my suggestions:
use crazy colors. Its not at all real, make it colorful and crazy, use some yellow, maybe some purple in there, go crazy.

I don't think there are any huge effects, maybe just some lighting which isn't all that hard, if I remember correctly, so nothing all that difficult. Get all of your positions covered, have some colorful washes, and wear ear plugs.
We are also unfortunately doing Seussical this this spring, I have heard it is annoying and not one of the best plays( I wanted to do Footloose)
Did it in the fall

Hey, we held this show in October, and we had a VERY good lighting setup. We used four MAC300 rigged just below the proscenium, and two MAC250 towards the edges. We used Source Four PARS on our grid in blue, yellow, and green. These gave great combinations for the jungle scenes, plus the yellow helped a lot with the circus and Whoville. If you have certain questions about overall light, backdrops, ANYTHING about this show: [email protected]
I got hired to do Seussical as well....I have no idea where to start. I'm doing the design/rigging/operating of lights myself. I get my script this weekend, and I have a metting with the SM, but the show is only 2 months away. I've worked with this SM and this crew before, so it should be ok.

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