Shania Twain concert in Nashville


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Sounds like they refused to foot the bill for proper ground protection and learned an expensive lesson.
This reads like the venue wasn't experienced enough with large scale tours to set up the necessary precautions to protect their field. And the tour didn't care enough to teach them how.
As a staging company ground protection is always the client's responsibility.
It's even in our sales contracts.
Its too bad they weren't in a city with the highest concentration of touring professionals in the entire world. If they were in a city such as that, no way would this have happened. Oh, wait.

They brought in probably around 2-3 million on this date.... so 10% to replace the field isn't a huge hit.
From another article:

According to Nashville SC, they learned from the Shania performance and decided to handle concert field maintenance themselves instead of relying on the promoters. As a result, the turf damage for the other two shows were only $25,000 combined.

"Since that initial concert, there’s been minimal pitch wear after a non-soccer event, and not only those solutions were low cost, but we've consistently ensured that the playing quality has remained uncompromised," Ayre wrote in a statement to NewsChannel 5.
Reading through the article, this all seems 100% positive. Yes there was damage. But they worked with the promoter and fixed everything, learned from it, and the community is engaged and excited.

I love seeing these articles that present issues as a challenge to be overcome, not as a doom and gloom for all events.
My interpretation of the writing of the news piece is that there was a disagreement about who ought to handle field protection, and one side told the other FAFO... and they did.

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